Hell to Pay (2014)

Visit the official film site of HELL TO PAY, director Jay Jennings' critically acclaimed feature about an L.A. debt collector who dares to double-cross his boss.

Jimmy and May (2014)


Jimmy is a laid-back writer who lives in a Downtown Los Angeles house with his unpredictable Japanese girlfriend, May, who is addicted to internet chat rooms. 

Their strange love/hate relationship consists of arguing over her addiction, questioning her loyalty, and mind blowing sex.

May is fed up with Jimmy's accusations, but the last straw comes after he hangs up on her mother during a long distance call to Japan.

When May commands Jimmy to make love to her, he is more than happy to oblige her, but when the next morning arrives, May becomes completely unhinged, picking up a switchblade and cornering Jimmy in the kitchen where she repeatedly stabs him, leaving blood everywhere.

Later that day, a breaking news story appears on the television. Not only has May stabbed Jimmy to death, but she has set his house on fire, which is now burning out of control.

"Get off the damn internet, May!"

Target For Elimination (2014)


An assassin's assignment was simple enough. Kill or be killed. But this time, his intended target was....himself. And he never turns down a job. When the assassin eventually confronts himself in an outdoor garage, a shoot-out ensues. Each man trying to eliminate the other. One of their bullets strikes its intended target, blood splatters, and someone has just died. The assassin has completed his assignment. But the question remains: Is the assassin now dead too? 

A bullet flies towards its intended target.

Another day, another job.

Kids Are People Too! (2013)

Visit the official website of BOB MCALLISTER'S WONDERAMA, the most popular children's TV show of the 1960s and 70s.

The Drowning (2013)

Visit the official film site of THE DROWNING, director Jay Jennings's haunting film about the aftermath of a tragic drowning.

Visiting Hours (2010)

"A disturbing film that really hits home."
....David Del Valle, Films In Review


Diane Stevens’ stomach cancer spread faster than her doctor had anticipated, deeming her condition as "inoperable." Upon hearing of his mother’s illness, Diane's only adult son, Chris,decides to visit her in the hospital. Chris innocently assumes that his mother will eventually get better, not really comprehending the seriousness of her illness. When Diane reveals to him that she only has six weeks to live, Chris thinks she's exaggerating and hugs his mother goodbye, promising to call her later that evening. Sadly, during Diane's final six weeks, her son comes to visit her only once. Throughout their visit together, Diane solemnly sulks in her hospital bed, refusing to even look at him, while ignoring his futile attempts at conversation. When he tries to give his mother a goodbye kiss, Diane turns her head away, leaving Chris with no choice but to say goodbye to his mother, perhaps, for the last time.

"You're a beautiful son, but you're so rotten inside."

In Visiting Hours, Gloria Milkowski (right), in her film acting debut, turns in a stunning, one-of-a-kind performance as "Diane Stevens", a dying woman suffering from inoperable stomach cancer. If that isn’t enough to deal with, she must also come to grips with the fact that her adult son rarely comes to visit her in the hospital, considering she only has six weeks to live. Charles Santore's portrayal of, "Chris Stevens", Diane's troubled son is both touching and sad since his character never really got to know his mother, leaving him incapable of coping with her impending death.

The Weird Museum (2005)


The Story Behind The Film:
Don't be afraid! Just step behind the black curtain and witness the unbelievable! For half a century, THE WEIRD MUSEUM, gave personalized tours of it's unique and amazing displays. In 1993, it moved to it's final location near the corner of Cahuenga and Hollywood Boulevard, inside Panpipes Magickal Marketplace. The museum would eventually close two years later in 1995.
Known as the world's only, "walk-in-off-the-street" sideshow, the museum was originally owned by Dr. Donald R. Blyth, a fire-swallowing contortionist who, "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", billed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". Before his death, he willed the museum to his good friend, Isis.
In late 1995, after 50 years of existence, the entire contents, which included skeletons, skulls, shrunken heads, birth oddities and mummys, not to mention, the remains of Bluebeard, Hamander the Warlock, and Vlad Tepes (Count Dracula), were gathered up and put into storage. The fetuses, tumors, and brains were all donated to a medical school.
Only eight minutes of footage was captured on a VHS camcorder, as the museum's tour guide presented the strangest displays on earth. This short documentary was shot only a week before the museum closed it doors forever. It is known to be one of the very last tours inside....THE WEIRD MUSEUM.

One of the more bizarre displays at The Weird Museum was "The Hand of Glory". Believed to be only one of three in existence, the hand was cut from the wrist of a murderer as his neck swings from the gallows. It is known to have dark powers, such as the ability to open locked doors and to become invisible.

"The Weird Museum" was an audience favorite at the TromaDance Film Festival.